Chanakya Movie Review | Chanakya Trailer in Hindi | Reviwes Ka Adda

Chanakya Movie Review | Chanakya Trailer in Hindi | Reviwes Ka Adda

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Chanakya Movie Review

Cast:  Tottempudi Gopichand, Mehreen Pirzada,  Zareen Khan

Director: Thiru




Chanakya may be a wandering drama that looks confused concerning whether or not it desires to be a spy-thriller that takes itself means too seriously or a billboard drama that incorporates a bit of everything. It falls somewhere in between, neither keeping you on the edge-of-the-seat, nor amusing you. It’s smart that Thiru created his Telugu debut, if solely he had higher material on the far side what feels like a mixture of each Indian spy film ever created.


Arjun (Gopichand) may be a RAW marshall who’s aforesaid to be one amongst the simplest within the field, and nevertheless ne’er follows even the best of orders given by his Chief, Gulkarni (Nasser). His character is supposed to be sharp, stoic and heroic, however the means the story progresses solely makes him seem to be a fractious kid UN agency loves obtaining his means just because his missions perpetually as if by magic estimate, even once his cowl is blown and he’s in enemy state. The marshall even likes to steer a double life as bank worker Ramakrishna, whose favorite interest is to sing duets with Aishwarya (Mehreen Pirzada).


within the tale is additionally Arjun’s band of boys, his team, that conjointly options Aadarsh Balakrishna and Raja Chembolu. Cue dialogues that has random individuals marvel wherever Ramakrishna keeps disappearing off {at random|randomly|indiscriminately|haphazardly|willy-nilly|arbitrarily|every that way} intervals and therefore the reveal of however Arjun is Associate in Nursing orphan which his band of boys as his solely family. Chanakya begins in an exceedingly banality and predictable route, however a high-octane one with a mission, however it presently meanders into awkward territory with jokes concerning dogs sex activity and a managing director misunderstanding it for the lead couple’s sex life.


When the story finally comes back to trace, it’s still not enough as a result of despite making an attempt means too laborious, the film’s ‘twists’ ne’er very manage to surprise you. Zareen Khan makes her Telugu debut as Zubeida, another agent UN agency aids Arjun in his covert, personal mission for reasons ne’er disclosed. whereas enough time is spent hammer home the purpose of however Arjun doubles by functioning at a bank, Zareen makes her entry diversion to a kooky range and later, random individuals keep salutation her and asking her for selfies. It’s ne’er very clear what she will aside from be Associate in Nursing agent to be fashionable enough to be asked for selfies.


The 3 songs by Vishal Chandrasekhar and Sricharan Pakala appear at the foremost harmful moments and therefore the filming by Vetri Palanisamy, piece of writing by Marthand K Venkatesh fail to bring the film along. Abburi Ravi’s dialogues and Sricharan Pakala’s BGM strive. the sole ones UN agency appear earnest concerning the film ar Gopichand, Mehreen Pirzada and Zareen Khan, giving it their all and making an attempt to form the shoddy material work. By the time Gopichand’s Arjun reveals in an exceedingly throwaway dialogue why within the world the film is called Chanakya, the sigh that escapes one’s lips isn’t of surprise however sheer exhaustion. Go watch this one at your own risk!


Directed by Thiru
Produced by Rama Brahmam Sunkara
Written by Abburi Ravi
Screenplay by Thiru
Story by Thiru
Starring Gopichand
Mehreen Pirzada
Zareen Khan
Music by Vishal Chandrasekhar
Cinematography Vetri Palanisamy
Edited by Marthand K Venkatesh
AK Entertainments
Release date
5 October 2019[1]
Country India
Language Telugu

Plus Points:


As usual, Gopichand will a sincere job in his role. He appearance work because the RAW agent and shoulders the film throughout. Be it his fights or dialogue delivery, Gopichand has done a commendable job within the film. Nasser was excellent because the RAW chief and brought depth to the film. The director starts the film with a decent action sequence that appearance partaking. Zareen Khan because the RAW emissary makes a good Telugu debut. She did her supporting role well. Mehreen was regarding okay in her role and had nothing a lot of to try and do. Sunil and Ali did well in their restricted comedy roles. Upen Patel is that the surprise package of the film as he did the role of a trendy villian beautifully. All his scenes with Gopichand have start off well. bound action thrills primarily based in Karachi are planned well. The pre-climax scenes are handled well and evoke a good curiosity.


Minus Points:


Firstly, the film is loosely supported many Hindi spy thrillers in recent times. it’s heavily galvanized from Nikhil Advani’s D Day. once beginning the film with a bang, the manufacturers herald constant previous comedy, song and dance routine. Gopichand’s romantic episodes with Mehreen area unit boring and dilute the proceedings utterly. Upon this, 2 songs are available and aspect track the film at crucial times. one in all the most important drawbacks is that the unsatisfying script that lacks the grip. Some sensible thrills area unit followed by silly and routine scenes. Thrillers ought to be crisp and quick however sadly that’s not the case with this film. Also, there area unit method too several medium liberties that are taken. Gopichand moves freely in Karachi and handles things fleetly in several areas and this appearance over the highest. Also, on balance the hue and cry, {you feel|you area unit feeling|you’re feeling} that the climax are going to be special however sadly things are resulted in a fast manner.



On the complete, Chanakya may be a routine spy heroic tale that works in an exceedingly strictly few areas. whereas the action and Gopichand lead from the front, uninteresting narration and poor book take the film down in no time. even if the film appearance trendy, there’s nothing new you’ll see here during this action heroic tale. So, enter with all of your expectations in restraint.



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