KEE Movie Review, Cast | Reviwes Ka Adda

KEE Movie Review, Cast | Reviwes Ka Adda

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KEE Movie Review

Cast: Jiiva, Nikki Galrani, Anaika Soti

Director: Kalees Director



The perils of technological growth and therefore the alternative ways cyber criminals operate were delineate in Irumbu Thirai. The story of Kee, too, revolves around an analogous plan, however is not effective because the former, due to the shortage of particularization, unconvincing book and inclusion of business components only for the sake of it. Siddharth (Jiiva) may be a hacker UN agency is blessed a contented family life, that embrace his father (Rajendra Prasad) and mother (Suhasini). associate degree sudden incident that happen in his life leads him to a different hacker (Govind Padmasoorya), who’s a monster by all suggests that.


however the great triumphs over the evil forms the remainder of the story. There square measure many computers, mobile phones and a slew of electronic devices that the antagonist uses to control innocent people’s lives. the way within which showing emotion weak individuals square measure being exploited with the assistance of technology has been sent right, however this can be an issue that needn’t have romantic scenes with the same old cute heroines and compelled comedies. The emotional angle during a crucial scene too falls flat and don’t leave any impact. The film has associate degree intriguing theme and equally smart protagonist and antagonist essayed by Jiiva and Govind Padmasoorya severally. however the logical loopholes and lack of emotional property spoil it from changing into an interesting adventure story.


Plus Points:


One of the most important assets of the film is its visual effects that are done on an exquisite note. The pre-climax scenes are narrated during a thrilling manner. Also, the style within which however technology is nice and unhealthy for society is showcased appearance convincing. Rajendra Prasad and Suhasini as hero’s folks brought tons of depth to the film. Jiva is spectacular in his hacker’s role. compared to his previous films, Jiva appearance sensible and has improved together with his performance. Nikki Garlani appearance stunning and will an honest job in her key role. Anaika Soti is spectacular in her supporting role. actor Hanu, UN agency did a heavy role within the film was quite spectacular.


Minus Points:


Though the story plan is nice, the execution wasn’t that spectacular. There ar several scenes within the last half that were uncalled-for and will are altered out. They not solely drag the proceedings however additionally irritate the audience for no reason. For the primary 0.5 Associate in Nursing hour, there’s not a lot of clarity within the film as things don’t seem to be narrated effectively. Some scenes between the lead combine are added only for the sake of it and bore the audience within the half. The logic goes for a toss {and the|and therefore the|and additionally the} unforced comedy also doesn’t work. There was sensible scope for the director to feature additional mind games between the hero and also the villain however he incomprehensible it whole narrating the film during a flat manner.


On the entire, secret’s a movie will that not add several aspects. although the concept and pre-climax area unit smart, the remainder of the execution was below par. with the exception of this, boring comedy, boring romance and lack of basic conflict purpose spoil the film in no time and makes it a run of the mill anticipate the audience


Directed by Kalees
Produced by S. Michael Rayappan
Written by Kalees
Starring Jiiva
Govind Padmasoorya
Nikki Galrani
Anaika Soti
RJ Balaji
Rajendra Prasad
Music by Vishal Chandrasekhar
Cinematography Abinandhan Ramanujam
Edited by Nagooran
Global Infotainment
Release date
10 May 2019
Running time
132 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil

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