Raja the Great Movie Review, Cast | Raja the Great Trailer in Hindi | Reviwes Ka Adda

Raja the Great Movie Review, Cast | Raja the Great Trailer in Hindi | Reviwes Ka Adda

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Raja the Great Trailer in Hindi

Cast:  Ravi Teja, Mehrene Kaur Pirzada,  Prakash Raj

Director: Anil Ravipudi



Mass maharajah Ravi Teja’s Diwali giving is here, and if one word may well be wont to describe this film, it may well be referred to as associate rank ‘entertainer’. Ravi Teja’s films have continually been proverbial for his or her comic and action quotients and this film doesn’t bilk in those departments. The film revolves round the visually-challenged Raja (Ravi Teja) WHO has no qualms concerning his incapacity.


Even once the globe doubts him, he keeps proving himself time and once more to be as capable, if no more, as the other person. His mother (Radhika) is equally assured in his skills and her solely dream in life is to check him be a locality of the personnel. She strong-arms her higher ups into rental him get on a special force team that’s embarked on to guard a lady. Said girl, Lucky (Mehreen), has simply lost her father at the hands of Deva (Vivan), a pitiless goon WHO needs to be an official. She’s recouping in Darjeeling thus that’s wherever Raja and his team head to, conveyance in an exceedingly much-needed dose of quality into her life. The method the character of Raja is handled by the director is gorgeous. There’s no pity at him being visually impaired, either in him or in those around him.


Right before the interval, it’s shown however Raja, trained in martial arts, uses his different senses with intelligence to create up for that. There’s a form of authorization therein. In fact, even the antagonist is shown to be in awe of Raja’s skills. The best half concerning ‘Raja the Great’ is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The picture show is full of slapstick humour and silly scenes that elevate the primary [*fr1] before things get a bit serious within the second. Few scenes at the tip appear draggy, with a song doping up out of obscurity simply after you assume the picture show is finished.


The same-old tale of damsel-in-distress and boy-saves-girl is utilized within the film, with the key purpose being that the protagonist is blind. Tanikella Bharani (as the daddy of Deva), Radhika, Rajendra Prasad (as a dangerous tea estate owner) and Srinivas Reddy (as Raja’s best friend) square measure sensible at their roles. Vivan shines because the trendy Deva, a psychotic goon WHO simply needs revenge. Mehreen is given a task with restricted scope to perform and she or he manages to be sensible at what she’s offered. Ravi Teja although, is that the star of the show and he’s merely a treat to observe on-screen. looking at him essay the role of a blind person, who’s a bundle of quality, is nothing but fun. The method his vision defect is employed to craft sure eventualities, and particularly the fight scenes, is entertaining . Watch this film if you wish to observe a fun popcorn-entertainer with varied cameos by acquainted faces! provides it a miss if you’re trying to find a story-backed film.


Plus Points:


One of the largest and points of the film is non stop recreation. Credit ought to attend director Anil Ravipudi for adding enough fun at regular intervals creating the film quite entertaining . Ravi Teja makes a putting comeback once a spot of 2 years. He owns the blind character and provides strength to the full film. The manner he has induced comedy reminds North American country of vintage Ravi Teja from his recent movies wherever he was fully type. Mehrene appearance sensible in her role so were Prakash dominion and Sampath. whereas the primary 0.5 has sensible fun, the second half has attention-grabbing valor and fights. because the hero is blind, the assorted fights and elevation scenes showcased work splendidly.


Minus Points:


The story doesn’t have a lot of weight apart from the purpose that Ravi Teja is blind. Things happen too simply for him through out the film that may be a bit odd. As there’s not a lot of story that’s happening throughout the last half, you get the texture that things are becoming recurrent once more and once more. simply after you assume that the climax is completed, a song and fight sequence get away creating things tedious.




On the complete, Raja the nice may be a typical mass masala person that you expect from a star hero like Ravi Teja. His sensible performance and sensible fun throughout the film keeps the audience amused. If you ignore the routine story and a rather dragged half, this film lands up as associate diverting watch along with your entire family this Diwali.


Directed by Anil Ravipudi
Produced by Dil Raju
Written by Anil Ravipudi
(story /screenplay /dialogues)
Starring Ravi Teja
Mehreen Pirzada
Vivan Bhatena
Prakash Raj
Music by Sai Karthik
Cinematography Mohana Krishna
Edited by Tammi Raju
Sri Venkateswara Creations
Release date
18 October 2017
Running time
150 mins
Country India
Language Telugu
Box office ₹51.7 crore

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