Rangasthalam Movie Review | Rangasthalam Trailer in Hindi | Reviwes Ka Adda

Rangasthalam Movie Review | Rangasthalam Trailer in Hindi | Reviwes Ka Adda

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Rangasthalam Movie Review

Cast:   Ram Charan, Jagapati Babu,  Prakash Raj

Director: Sukumar Director



within the fictional village of Rangasthalam (meaning ‘stage’) reside a motley crew of vibrant characters. 1st up is that the innocent Chitti adult male (Ram Charan), a hot-headed soul WHO remains blissfully unaware of the chaos that surrounds him. Kumar adult male (Aadhi Pinisetty), his brother, is that the exact opposite. He returns from urban center and seeing the state of affairs in his village, decides to bring a modification. The President garu (Jagapathi Babu) of the village may be a steely-eyed man whom the villagers believe to be devout and therefore presented with special powers. And then there’s avatar Lakshmi (Samantha), educated until sixth category however authorised enough to require selections of her own.


She has no time for ethical policing as a result of she’s too busy noticing the corruption rampant round her. Rangammatta (Anasuya Bharadwaj), in an exceedingly refreshing move, is Chitti Babu’s supporter, maintaining a strictly platonic relationship with him. Dakshina Murthy (Prakash Raj) may be a native MLA WHO decides to affix Kumar Babu’s cause for a much better future. These characters frame the lead actors of the film set within the Nineteen Eighties. ‘Rangasthalam’ genuinely takes you back to the 80s and hits you with a colossal dose of longing – radios and record dances galore. The film isn’t simply set within the 80s; it conjointly picks a story templet from that era and narrates the story in an exceedingly refreshfully raw manner. However, Sukumar should be attributable for fleshing out the characters tolerably that they don’t look like caricatures of a bygone era. He should even be attributable for creating them capable enough to be authorised ought to the requirement arise.


The characters, even those that have lowest screen time, ar inscribed solely when careful thought. and therefore the best out of all them is Chitti adult male. Chitti adult male is difficult to not fall smitten with, ontogenesis a refreshing innocence in an exceedingly time once deadly masculinity is typically celebrated on-screen. The character has no interest in being the ‘hero’ of this tale as a result of he’s additional endowed in obtaining drunk, falling smitten, reprehension his friends and dotty his family. The character graph of Chitti adult male that starts with delicate innocence and finds humour even in his disability; solely changes once his heart is actually broken. Rangammatta plays catalyst to explosive the method bubble that Chitti adult male resides in, forcing him to examine Rangasthalam for what it’s – not a vividly hued stage, however a dry and drab place reeling below oppression.


Ram Charan may be a delight to look at during this film, delivering what most likely is his best performance until date. Be it within the scenes wherever he oozes puerility or those once you see a broken man that nobody will heal, you’ll see it beat the approach his eyes act. Samantha is additionally smart in her role because the rustic avatar Lakshmi, WHO is Chitti Babu’s feminine counterpart, the one he wants and deserves. Aadhi Pinisetty conjointly delivers a colossal performance because the dreamer WHO believes it’ll undoubtedly be him WHO are able to evoke modification. Jagapathi adult male and Anasuya Bharadwaj deliver refined nevertheless powerful performances, creating a long-lasting impression with the best of dialogues. Rathnavelu and Hindu deity Sri Prasad got to take a bow, not only for delivering picture-perfect visuals and audio recording, except for conjointly setting the mood of the film with their work.


DSP’s background score is powerful during this one! conjointly, the retro ‘record dance’ vogue range ‘Jigelu Rani’ linear unit. Pooja Hegde may be a delight to look at on the massive screen. wherever the film falls short but is towards its epilogue. Despite the cracks showing through, you notice however badly broken Chitti adult male very is simply towards the top once he’s pushed to the brim. Prakash Raj’s character is that the just one that continues to be not well full-clad and nearly appears to be there simply to push things through and deliver a haphazard conclusion. None-the-less, go watch the film this weekend for the characters and therefore the intrigue they produce. Watch it particularly for Ram Charan and his colossal performance, Sukumar’s direction, Rathnavelu’s filming and DSP’s background score. This film actually proves that it doesn’t matter if it’s a tale you’ve got seen 1,000,000 times before, once it’s told in Associate in Nursing amusing manner!


Plus Points:


Rangasthalam is Sukumar’s lovely vision coming back to light-weight. each in. of the film, be it the set work, the gripping drama and superb performances, fall in situ dead. the whole credit ought to move to Sukumar for thinking of one thing like this and actuation it off with such ease and perfection. This film could be a new chapter within the star hero’s career as Ram Charan the actor is born with this show. Credit ought to move to him for acceptive a job with incapacity and acting it to the most effective of his capabilities. Charan is thus lovely as Chitti adult male that you just fall smitten with him instantly. His native slang, rise up and therefore the manner during which he unleashes his beastly aspect is that the major plus and can be remembered for an extended time to return.


Samantha could be a good in her de-glamorized role. Sukumar showcases her in an exceedingly new avatar and Samantha too provides her best as Lakshmi. Her scenes with Charan and therefore the manner she showed mischievousness and maturity in her character speaks volumes of her talent. Jagapathi adult male is alarming because the main villain and brings plenty of depth to the film. however will one forget Aadhi Pinishetty’s very good supporting act. The manner he has remodeled himself and gave a settled performance is commendable and holds the film along. Anasuya as Ranagamatha is that the surprise package and bowls you over together with her appearance and emotional performance. She features a meaty role associated this film can sure be a turning purpose in her career as an actor.


Minus Points:


one in every of the essential issues of the film is its protracted run time. tho’ it’s not a problem for Ram Charan fans, the final audience could notice it slightly tough sometimes. The item song isn’t that nice and comes as a speed breaker within the film. when a racy and diverting half, post interval scenes begin on a boring note with none participating moments. because the entire film is ready up terribly} village scenery it’s going to not go well with an explicit section of audience because the proceedings square measure very rustic and showcased in an exceedingly raw manner.




On the total, Rangasthalam may be a fascinating village drama that has some exciting moments at regular intervals. The village found out, human emotions, romance, and Ram Charan’s fantastic act as Chitti man win you over. The film are going to be a rage with the plenty and therefore the family audience can fancy it too. If you ignore the slight long run time and rustic nature, this picture kicks off summer with a bang Associate in Nursingd finally ends up as an amusing watch this weekend. select it as earthy films like these area unit hardly created lately.



Theatrical release poster
Directed by Sukumar
Produced by Y. Naveen
Y. Ravi Shankar
C. V. Mohan
Written by Sukumar
Starring Ram Charan
Samantha Akkineni
Jagapati Babu
Aadhi Pinisetty
Prakash Raj
Music by Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography R. Rathnavelu
Edited by Naveen Nooli
Mythri Movie Makers
Release date
30 March 2018
Running time
174 minutes
Country India
Language Telugu
Budget ₹60 crores
Box office ₹210 crores


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