Gang Leader Movie Review, Cast | Gang Leader Trailer In Hindi | Reviwes Ka Adda Movie

Gang Leader Movie Review, Cast | Gang Leader Trailer In Hindi | Reviwes Ka Adda Movie

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Gang Leader Reviwe


Cast: Nani,  Vennela Kishore, Raghu Babu

Director: Vikram K. Kumar Director


Gang Leader Trailer In Hindi




an ardent nonetheless pretend author and a motley bunch of girls with a thirst for retaliation is that the oddest gang you may root for. And yet, Vikram K Kumar brings along Associate in Nursing unlikely set of individuals to headline Gang Leader. And for certain, with their varied quirks and mannerisms, Nani and his gang of revengers launched to stay you amused. They succeed — however solely in components.

Gang Leader begins with a bank theft, wherever when effecting the heist with surgical preciseness, one thief takes all the money for himself and kills everyone else. Fourteen months later, the kin of the opposite 5 robbers move to hunt revenge. however they cannot make out alone. They take the assistance of author Pencil Parthsarathy (Nani) World Health Organization specialises in revenge novels. They before long realise that he is a fraud — World Health Organization primarily plagiarises widespread English films to write down his novels. therefore Kill Bill becomes Rasidhu metallic element Champu and No Country for recent Men becomes Moddulaku Desham Ledu. They before long discover the identity of the killer — automobile racer Dev (Karthikeya), however taking revenge is less complicated aforementioned than done.

Gang Leader begins on a promising note. Nani’s character is loveable and you cannot facilitate however fall for his innocence and charm. You surprise why a bit lady is concerned during a revenge story — particularly given however the chief designer of the set up (Lakshmi) speaks blatantly regarding killing the person who wrote it. The 5 ladies — though spectacular — do not extremely bring the house down, and it’s left to Nani to infuse some much-needed humour into the script, with some facilitate from Vennela Kishore and Priyadarshi, World Health Organization ar each humorous .

The trouble is, Gang Leader tries to be too several things right away and does not extremely do justice to anyone side. One minute it is a comedy a few writer’s detective skills, then there is a parallel love track between Nani and Priyanka (with a sincere performance), that ne’er extremely dashes. The mystery behind the assorted twists and turns hardly makes a bearing, and also the whole cat-and-mouse game between Nani and Karthikeya (who looks to possess only 1 expression throughout the movie), falls flat. The melodramatic twists — the rationale behind the theft within the initial place and hidden secrets of the revengers — frustrates the viewers even more. augment it one or two of ill-placed songs and a poorly written book ensures a probably promising script falls in need of expectations.

Nani is that the film’s heart and soul and brings Gang Leader to life together with his charm, wit and classic humour. however the haphazard nature of the script, a sluggish screenply Associate in Nursingd an dose of comedy hampers what had the potential to be a complete laugh riot. The film’s USP is its humour, however once even that won’t the most effective it can be, you recognize you are in bother.


Plus Point:

The setting and idea of the film is kind of novel and is barren of the regular business aspects. Vikram Kumar has given this film a replacement angle as he has elicited smart fun within the narration instead of giving it a heavy tone.

Nani has become like previous wine recently as he keeps recouping with each film of his. His comedy quotient is abroach fantastically by Vikram as he generates smart fun although Nani’s role. most significantly, Nani strikes an outstanding balance between the humor and seriousness within the film that was quite necessary.

Priyanka Arul Mohan makes a powerful debut and is kind of lovely within the film. All her scenes with Nani and romantic track is ideal. Senior actor Hindu deity gets a meaty role and evokes smart fun along side sentiment within the finish. Saranya Mohan could be a very good entertainer and proves it another time along with her comic act within the film.

Last however not least, hero Karthikeya nails it because the person. He has very good screen presence and if chosen his roles quite smartly, he will go a protracted means. He as Dev is trendy, aggressive and will a neat job in his key role. He brings tons of depth to the film. Vennela Kishore’s gay comedy {is smart|is sweet|is nice} and evokes good laughs.

Minus Points:

The climax of the film is committed in no time because the villain is finished with simply an easy fight and ending. Not that it’s unhealthy, however the style within which Vikram Kumar generates suspense until the pre climax, one would expect one thing special within the climax which works missing.

The tempo drops a small amount within the half and also the twists showcased throughout this point ar foreseeable enough. The script throughout the last 10 minutes might are even a lot of interesting. Karthikeya’s rags to wealth story isn’t clearly elevated.



On the complete, Gang Leader may be a crime heroic tale that is stuffed with tight fun and crisp narration. Nani leads from the front and is aptly supported by some taut performances that hold the film well. The suspense and comedy go hand in hand within the film and if you ignore the marginally boring climax, this film makes up for an interesting watch this weekend.



Directed by Vikram Kumar
Produced by Naveen Yerneni
Y. Ravi Sankar
Mohan Cherukuri
Written by Vikram Kumar
Venkat D. Pati
Starring Nani
Priyanka Arul Mohan
Saranya Ponvannan
Music by Anirudh Ravichander
Cinematography Miroslaw Kuba Brozek
Edited by Naveen Nooli
Mythri Movie Makers
Distributed by Sarigama Cinemas (North America)
Release date
13 September 2019
Running time
155 minutes[1]
Country India
Language Telugu
Budget ₹ 20 Crores
Box office ₹ 105.7 Crores

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