Mersal Movie Review, Cast | Mersal Trailer In Hindi | Reviwes Ka Adda

Mersal Movie Review, Cast | Mersal Trailer In Hindi | Reviwes Ka Adda

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Mersal Movie Review

Cast: Vijay,  Kajal Aggarwal,  Samantha Ruth Prabhu,

Director: Atlee Kumar

Mersal Trailer in Hindi

Producer : N. Ramasamy, Hema Rukmani

Music Director : A. R. Rahman Plus Points:-




With Mersal, we’ve got got this year’s most partaking mass masala picture show. it’s a relatable theme (even tho’ the medical field has been the target for several films), star power, punch dialogues that double up as political statements, emotional scenes that create United States look after its characters, a message that connects with United States, vibrant visuals, lively music, and masala moments that keep you cheering for the hero(es). The film begins with the seizure of a couple of people and therefore the arrest of Dr Maaran (Vijay), who, the investigation officer Rathnavel (Sathyaraj) believes is that the mastermind. As he interrogates the doctor on why he let himself get captured, he learns that it’s really Vetri (Vijay) , a magician – and a look-alike of Maaran – UN agency has committed these crimes.


however is Vetri connected to Maaran and what will he want? Taking a leaf out of his guru Shankar’s playbook, and tons of inspiration from masala movies of the yesteryears (from MGR’s dual-role films like Kudiyirundha Koyil and Neerum Neruppum to triple-role films like Rajinikanth’s Moondru Mugam and Kamal Haasan’s Apoorva Sagotharargal), Atlee has given United States a completely satisfying mass-hero film. And his call to evoke board Vijayendra Prasad, the author of Rajamouli’s films, could be a achievement (Atlee and Ramanagiri Vasan, UN agency has written the dialogues, square measure the co-writer). The fingerprints of the Baahubali author is found in several scenes – like within the scene within the flashback portion, wherever Thalapathy (Vijay), the daddy of Vetri and Maaran, must save folks treed during a fireplace.


Thalapathy brings down a large wheel singlehandedly, and it appears like a nod to Baahubali, wherever Prabhas stops a large sculpture from falling down. there’s conjointly another distinct Baahubali moment wherever a baby raises its hand whilst its father goes down promising the hands of his folks can agitate. Like the masala films that it tries to emulate, the film conjointly includes a longer length. we tend to get 2 flashbacks, one before the interval, and another post it. Atlee conjointly offers a romantic track every to Vetri and Maaran. however these square measure simply generic ones, however the 2 actresses, Kajal Aggarwal and Samantha, manage to supply some blithe moments within the minute time that they get. however the director makes up for it with the romance within the flashback involving Thalapathy and Nithya Menen, once again, comes up with Associate in Nursing poignant performance.


The success of any revenge-based masala picture show is that the effectiveness of its antagonist and it’s here that Mersal feels a touch underwhelming. Atlee looks to own wished Associate in Nursing antagonist UN agency is suave and sinister, however maybe as a result of we’ve got solely recently seen a wondrously immoderate SJ Suryah in Spyder, his characterisation of Daniel Arockiaraj here comes across as a rather subdued villain, even supposing the actor will well. However, the director does not foil once it involves his hero. He offers all the 3 characters moments to showcase their courage (the camera virtually worships its subject). we’ve got seen Vijay reel of punch dialogues, dance sort of a dream and fight effortlessly, however there’s a scene wherever, as Thalapathy, he breaks down, and therefore the actor shows that he also can triumph emotional scenes. once you have a mass hero fully type like Vijay is within the film, however will things go wrong?


Plus Points:

Vijay is without doubt the largest pillar and carries the whole film on his shoulders. The approach he has pictured all his roles is sort of attractive. Vijay was particularly sensible within the role of a village head. Adirindhi may be a feast for Vijay fans as there square measure several mass parts that are showcased nicely at regular intervals. The basic story plan is incredibly sensible because the crimes within the medical field are showcased quite well. What clicks with the film square measure the sturdy emotions. The proceedings showcased have some sensible emotional attractiveness and provides a grip to the film. Nithya Menen gets a meaty role and will quite well. The first 0.5 is especially sensible because the mind games vie and confusion created has been elevated effectively. The film appearance wealthy and encompasses a Brobdingnagian scale that is shown through some sensible visuals.


Minus Points:-


Even though the crucial flashback episode is incredibly sensible, it’s painfully slow. Director Atlee takes his sweet time to name the most issue. this can be conjointly the time wherever the film has some significant Tamil flavor which could hamper the Telugu audience a small amount. Even though the purpose designated is nice, it’s not been dealt well at the top of the film because the manufacturers select a really medium ending. we tend to seriously surprise on why star heroines like Samantha and Kajal have united to be a vicinity of the film as they need fully nothing to try and do.




On the complete, Adirindi is associate degree intense masala human that deals with the discrepancies within the medical field. Vijay’s one-person show, smart half and super sturdy emotions hold the film for many of the time. The film has terribly nicely placed mass components which can keep the fans interested. If you ignore the protracted runtime and a small amount slow last half, this film has in it to form your weekend quite pleasant and tight.





Directed by Atlee
Produced by N. Ramasamy
Hema Rukmani
H. Murali
Screenplay by Atlee
K. V. Vijayendra Prasad
S. Ramana Girivasan
Story by Atlee
Starring Vijay
S. J. Surya
Nithya Menen
Kajal Aggarwal
Music by Songs:
A. R. Rahman
A. R. Rahman
Cinematography G.K.Vishnu
Edited by Ruben
Thenandal Studio Limited
Distributed by
Sri Thenandal Films (Tamil Nadu)
North Star Entertainment (Andhra Pradesh and Telangana)
S. Narayan (Karnataka)
Global United Media (Kerala)
Release date
18 October 2017 (Worldwide)
Running time
169 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil
Budget ₹120 crore
Box office est.₹260

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