A Aa is a 2016 Hindi dubbed romantic comedy

A Aa is a 2016 Hindi dubbed romantic comedy


A Aa is a 2016 Hindi Dubbed romantic comedy

I am going to tell you today a story which has a limited list and entertainment is ( A Aa Hindi dubbed ) and I want to read a lot more, I will show you how

The plot of this movie is very good, especially the entertainment plot that no other movies can do, it has crossed 45 million views on YouTube’s GoldMine channel and is still doing its Hindi dubbing very well. Has been done and what to tell about it is a very special movie has been told at the premises of Reduce and we have some viewers who talked to it and we came to know that this movie.

The hero depicted in this movie is a man who takes pride in being his ideal and who keeps the things given by his Guru and speaks the truth.

Movies Mains Charactor

  1. Aa revolves around the lives and lives of Anasuya Ramalingam (Samantha Akkineni) and Aanand Vihari (Nithiiin) 23 years old and their families. Aanand, a former chef, runs an E food company in Hyderabad. He is a middle school family member and has many duties to carry out, such as marrying his sister Bhanumathi (Ananya) and paying off debts.
  2. Mahalaksmi (Nadhiya) is the daughter of a wealthy and devoted family. While her mother is on a business trip, her father Ramalingam (Naresh) sends her to Aanand’s home along with Mangamma (HariTeja).

Movie Plot

Aanand’s her cross-cousin happens, but until she gets sent there she doesn’t know about his relatives. While she is glad to discover the happiness of being in the house of her mother, she learns that Aanand is pressured by her uncle, Pallam Venkanna (Rao Ramesh) to marry Nagavalli (Anupama Parameswaran). But only after Bhanu’s wedding had he agreed to marry her. Both good friends are Anasuya and Bhanu

When she asks for an A.C., comedy scenes occur. And a television. He buys 90,000 television for her. and gives an open and clamp window equivalent to A.C with an unliked stick and chain. Overnight. At night. One day, when Nagavalli comes home to show Anasuya indirectly she gets angry and asks Aanand to take her because she has declined to have dinner, and this time she has shown an attitude.

Nagavalli gets upset, and demands that she do something about Pallam Venkanna. Then he’s calling her dad and asking his daughter to order. However, Mahalakshmi’s secretary Gopal (Srinivasa Rojdy), calls and reveals everything to Mahalakshmi. Her father realized it and called Aanand and asked him to take Anasuya and Mangamma home from Chennai before Mahalakshmi. He then goes on a road and flies through the plane and reaches the house when srinivas reddy gets a telephone call (she gives him a jeep when he said he want it to leave Anu to her house. ( A Aa Hindi dubbed )

Anasuya comes to Mahalakshmi’s home and tells her that Bhanu is the daughter of Aanand’s. At first, Mahalakshmi rejects Bhanu, but later agrees. She reveals that she took a loan from Aanand’s husband, and that she refused and closed the door on her face when she came to get back the money. Anasuya is warned to take Bhanu care of him. Bhanu sees the picture of Shekhar that night and he says he looks good. Anasuya is again making an idea that Bhanu owes her, and that she should, the following day, go to a mall and make a deal with Blanu, since she canceled her marriage. Once again in the middle Anasuya meets Aanand. ( A Aa Hindi dubbed )

Movie Ending Plot

She is surprised to meet her parents when Anasuya and Aanand enter his home. Her dad admits that Mahalakshmi had a panic attack as soon as Anasuya and Aanand left and changed their minds. And her mother’s friendship with Anasuya is now fine, too. Aanand caught a mouse and says that nobody has trouble left her to laugh at it anymore.

Pallam Venkanna sees that Nagavalli is happy to eat chicken and does not think about Aanand and Anasuya. She says that if they are separated one day, he will only come to her to marry. Pallam Venkanna tries to stop Shekhar from visiting Bhanu to repair their marriage, but is unable to do so. ( A Aa Hindi dubbed )

Movie The End


Anasuya’s mother, Anasuya’s sister Anupama Parameswara as Ramalingam, Anasuya’s uncle, Nadhiya as Mahalakshmi, Anasuya’s father, Hari Teja as Mangamma, Anasuya’s assistant, Rao Rama as Pallam Venkanna, Anaasuya’s father, Srinivas Avasarala as Shekhar Banerjee, Anasuja’s chosen grooves, Anasuya’s assistant, Anasuya’s sister and Nagavalli’s father, Srinivas, Avasarah’s father, Shekhar Banerjee

Easwari Rao as Kameshwari, Anand’s wife Posani Krishna Murali as Pallam Narayana, Venkanna’s brother Giri Babu as Mr Banerjee, Shekhar’s grandmother Sana as Latha, Mahalakshmi’s friend Raghu Babu as Raghu, Latha’s boyfriend Praveen as Muthyam, Anand’s servant Shakalaka Shankar as Pratap, Sri Sudha Bhimireddy Annapoorna as Baby Mamma (cameo) Chammak Chandra as Bhanu’s groom (cameo) ( A Aa Hindi dubbed )


This film was released in the Ramanaidu Studios on 24 September 2015. This movie would start regularly shot on 10 October 2015 but it was later postponed until 16 October 2015. The film’s screening was scheduled to commence.

The filming of a new schedule started in Pollachi on 15 February, and the romantic duet and some important scenes of Nitin and Samantha were set on cannon for ten days. The filming of a final schedule began in Hyderabad on 26 February. Film was finalised o o n the beginning of the shooting process and most of the dialogue was filmed at the end of January 2016.


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