Aravinda Sametha Movie Review, Cast | Aravinda Sametha Trailer In Hindi | Reviwes Ka Adda

Aravinda Sametha Movie Review, Cast | Aravinda Sametha Trailer In Hindi | Reviwes Ka Adda

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Aravinda Sametha Movie Review


Cast: Ntr, Pooja Hegde, Jagapathi Babu

Director: Trivikram Srinivas


Aravinda Sametha Trailer In Hindi




it is a war-worn village Kommaddi, wherever heads fly quicker than the words that its residents mouth. 2 fighting teams lead by Narapareddy and Basireddy too favor to speak through their swords than words. Even a game of cards during this scene is addressed as ‘five rupee price faction’. In comes the son of the soil, Veeraraghava Reddy, the sole sign of hope to instill some sense amidst this menace. that includes associate degree actor like boy NTR legendary for his action potboilers, Trivikram utilises his presence and a poster scene to drive home a very important signal of peace, just like the columbiform bird that accompanies the title card within the gap frame.

Though the plot define makes this seem to be a Mirchi equivalent for boy NTR – the cocktail of intensity, diversion, economical dialogue-baazi, dead measured amounts, keeps the film ticking on showing neatness. Trivikram masters the even handed balance of pandering to the plenty and being a sane voice within the time of would like. Aravinda Sametha Veeraraghava is certainly a movie that marks a firm departure from the temperature of the director and also the lead actor. it is a story that single-mindedly focuses on transformation, and one whose intentions stay consistent. The sturdy performances do plenty of excellent in making certain associate degree impactful film, that exactly paves the approach for ‘Rayalaseema’ to show into a ‘Ratanalaseema’.

Melodrama typically clouds the character arcs of ladies in factionism-driven films, that is wherever Aravinda Sametha differs from the pack. The Penimiti song is one example of the emotional turmoil that a lady suffers as her man sets out for a blood bathtub. And Aravinda, contend by Pooja Hegde is not Trivikram’s illustration heroine. Here she is finding out social science and ethno-driven violence, being the vital link in showing the approach forward to a personality like Veeraraghava Reddy stuck between revenge and bigger purpose. Supriya Pathak, Devayani, Eeswari Rao might have lowest screen time, however there is enough meat in their characterisation.

This transformational journey offers U.S.A. a pleasant interval action block wherever boy NTR offers the goons a style of death and nevertheless does not tear them apart. whereas there is enough action and drama happening within the proceedings to stay you occupied within the initial hour, things are not quite seamless post the intermission. The one worry throughout Aravinda Sametha remains its certainty. except for a twist or 2, you recognize the flight of its lead character. it is the humour quotient that keeps the film alive then. Naresh and Srinivas Reddy continue from wherever they left their pleasant banter during a..Aa. Sunil delivers lesser laughs than secure, however that does not deduct something from his a lot of required come back to his forte.

All it takes to create a solid industrial film is to redefine it in connexion to the days. it is not typically you’d notice a lead character asking individuals, ‘what’s therefore heroic regarding holding a dagger or slapping your thigh’. It’s refreshing to look at NTR stay his controlled self within the film’s entireness. Pooja Hegde gets a reputable role as a budding documentary film maker, tho’ it’s onerous to fathom associate degree actor like Eesha being saddled into a task of nothingness. Trivikram’s fascination for mythology lends well with the theme and also the treatment scores over his indulgence this point. And Thaman’s evolution as a musician really edges the film. A emotional drama unseeable during a industrial exterior, here’s a movie that is adventurous to face aside from slapstick madness.


Plus Points:


NTR could be a top rate actor and there’s little doubt therein. however what happens once associate degree actor like him gets to act within the direction of Trivikram. the solution is Aravinda Sametha. for sure, NTR showcases very good variations within the film and provides a strong performance. to not forget NTR’s carton look which is able to offer all the fans goosebumps moments within the theaters.

Pooja Hegde could be a good slot in her role of Aravinda. She appearance glamourous and her soundtrack conjointly suits her role well. sounds like things have modified permanently as Sunil is back in an exceedingly character role and competently supports NTR within the film. National triumph histrion, Supriya Pathak is even in her role.

The interval block is handled well. The last twenty minutes of the film is emotional and ends the proceedings on a winning note. Esha Rebba gets a good role and will well. Jagapathi man is prime notch because the direful villain and his scenes with NTR throughout the climax are formed well.

Talented actor, Naveen Chandra gets a very important role and he’s excellent. His angry expressions and therefore the means he has sweet-faced the would possibly of NTR with none hesitation shows his talent. One specific scene wherever NTR provides warning to the goons to save lots of the heroine has been written quite well. Rao Ramesh, Subhaleka Sudhakar, and Brahmaji have done their supporting roles to the letter.


Minus Points:


One of the most important drawbacks of the film is that it’s associate degree out-of-date subject. Trivikram is thought to possess nice scripts however that’s missing here as he has taken associate degree recent story and showcased NTR in an exceedingly new avatar.

Thaman provides tight songs however Trivkram disappoints the audience by not shooting them properly. The romantic track between the lead combine could be a bit boring as some additional fun scenes ought to are value-added to create things fascinating for the audience.

Looks like Trivikram has centered additional on the emotional thread instead of the amusement half which could not go well with an explicit section of the audience. The length of the film is additionally a difficulty because it desires serious redaction in each the halves.




On the full, Aravinda Sametha is associate emotional roller coaster that has been narrated on a significant note. NTR offers a stand out performance and carries the film on his shoulders. Story wise, there’s nothing new however Trivikram has created certain that the proceedings ar content driven and don’t sidetrack with gratuitous aspects. because it may be a season, the film can had best and please the audience UN agency search for an ideal Dussera treat.




Directed by Trivikram Srinivas
Produced by S. Radha Krishna
Written by Trivikram Srinivas
Pooja Hegde
Eesha Rebba
Jagapathi Babu
Naveen Chandra
Supriya Pathak
Nagendra Babu
Music by S. Thaman
Cinematography P. S. Vinod
Edited by Naveen Nooli
Haarika & Hassine Creations
Release date
11 October 2018
Running time
161 minutes
Country India
Language Telugu
Budget ₹90 crore
Box office ₹158.6 crore


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